Trend Acceleration: IP States
Trend acceleration (the rapid proposal of new ideas, words, and customs) is the speculative sister of fast-forwarding and immediately pressing play. Afterwards, you remain dangerously worried on the off-chance that you just skipped over the narrator’s punch line.
Culture (and its counter) is an evolving amoeboid. New words replace old words, old customs refuse to budge until they’re broken, and new ideas clash with newer ideas. Trends become elongated tentacles slithering to find a new crevice, a new foothold to grasp. The future is one collective [Gallup] pull in every possible direction.
The cyber peasant fast-forwards and presses play.
First Movement
Bosch's Firewall of Virtual Delights
The initial visually blunt metaphor. You can see Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights through the margins of these divs.
Trend Accelerants
A collection of semi-playful neologisms designed to jumpstart our visions of the future.
Second Movement
IP Statehood Prologue
A framing of a fantastical near-future in which the average cyber-peasant is protected by IP States in exchange for their data.
IP Flags
Each IP Address generates a custom flag based on the said IP’s location.
IP Locations
Navigate a systematic mapping of each publicly available IP address.
Final Movement
Starving (Parable)
The fomo-nomad can’t seem to get any wifi signal in this jumpstarted world.
Smart Advertising (Parable)
And when you're suddenly hidding from those you’ve paid to protect? cmd + t to infinite.
Futuristic Phrases for the Present
An ongoing mash-up of existing Tweets using the placed neologisms as a centered axis. For the fomo-nomad in you.
Communal Click-Through
A concluding parable over various windows.
Image Pairings
Cross-window found-image diptychs.
Alternate Viewing Formats
Application Presentation
An applescript performance fast-forwarding viewers through the above-outlined cyberscape.
A collection of parables, neologisms, and images in .pdf form.